European Recovered Paper Council



  • Collection (of paper and board) - Separate collection of paper and paper productss from industrial and commercial outlets, from household and offices for ->Recovery (Collection includes transport to the sorting/processing or recycling plant/paper mill).
  • Consumer - Industrial, commercial or private end-user.
  • Consumption (apparent) - Internal deliveries into the defined countries (see 1.2 of the European Declaration) plus imports from countries outside this coverage.
  • Converter - Processor of paper or board as a raw material (such as packaging, printing).
  • Deinkability - Removal of ink and/or toner from a printed product to a high extent by means of a deinking process. This shall restore as good as possible the optical properties of the unprinted product.
  • Distribution (of paper & board) - Wholesale and retail trade of paper and board material (such as packaging, printing).
  • Final disposal - Definitive deposit of waste to landfill or incineration without energy recovery.
  • Manufacturer - Producer of paper and/or board.
  • Packer/filler - User of packaging material to put a product into marketable units
  • Paper - Term used to cover all grades of paper and board.
  • Paper for recycling - Used paper and board separately collected and in general processed according to the European Standard List of Recovered Paper and Board Grades - EN643.
  • Paper product - General term used to cover all paper and board-based converted products.
  • Paper value chain - All parties, linked directly or indirectly, from paper and board manufacturing to the collector/merchant of used paper and board products.
  • Printer - Manufacturer of printed products using paper or board as printing surface (-> Converter).
  • Publisher - One who publishes (owns and brings to the market) products which are printed on paper.
  • Recovery - Waste management operations policy including re-use, material recycling, composting and energy recovery.
  • Recyclability - Design, manufacturing and converting of paper based products in such a way as to enable a hich quality recycling of fibres and other materials in a manufacturing process in compliance - where appropriate - with current standards in the Community.
  • Recycling - Reprocessing of RP in a production process into new paper and board.
  • Recycling Rate - The ratio between RP utilised for -> Recycling including RP net trade, and paper and board consumption
  • RP collector - One who separately collects used paper and board; he may also have processing (sorting, handling) transport or trade activities.
  • RP merchant - One who primarily buys, processes and sells RP; he may be actively involved in its collection.
  • RP trader - One who buys and sells RP without any operational collection or processing activity.
  • Waste - Any substance or object which holder discards or intends or is required to discard